I grew up in Houston Texas in a very large family—4 brothers and 5 sisters. I’m so grateful to my parents for filling each of us with their love and with the gift of their strong Faith.

I made my first profession of vows in 1992, almost 25 years ago! I was just a child when I first met the Daughters of St. Paul. They traveled from San Antonio to Houston to visit parishes in the area with Catholic books and other media, and to give talks. My parish was on their list! They spoke during my weekly evening religion class about religious life and specifically about their vocation as Paulines. I was hooked immediately. All through my years of discernment my heart kept returning to the Daughters of St. Paul. I saw their joy in community, their enthusiasm for their mission and their love for the Eucharist. All of these gifts drew me in.

Like the first sisters I met, I too feel a passion to give every person the gift of knowing and loving God. I had the joy of getting a Masters degree in Christian Spirituality and this has helped me to see even more clearly how Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition have been so effective down the centuries in bringing about inner conversion, healing and union with God in the lives of billions of people. I love being a Daughter of St. Paul because my vocation calls me daily to be Christ in the world, sometimes teaching, sometimes bringing healing, sometimes carrying the Cross—always witnessing to Jesus’ victory over death!

One of the beautiful ways I get to do this is by being part of our choir. I’ve been singing with the Daughters of St. Paul choir since the 90’s and it never gets old. We always seem to have a lot of fun—maybe because singing brings out a lot of creativity and joy from each sister.

Besides really loving to sing, ever since I was little I’ve enjoyed playing sports, reading, and watching movies with family and friends.

I have several amazing heavenly friends—St. Paul, Blessed James Alberione—whom I love dearly, but one Saint with whom I have a special connection is my patron, St. Rafqa (“Rebecca” in English). She was a religious sister from Lebanon who died in 1914. She lived a life of great physical suffering for many years and offered all of this to the Lord for the salvation of the world. She was also a source of great joy and peace for her community. St. Rafqa has come into my life in various, unexpected ways. I always have the feeling that she loves me, is near me and is praying for me.

My favorite Scripture passage is Luke 19:10, “The Son of Man has come to seek out and save the lost.” This is my story—being lost, then being found by Jesus. This happens in the big momentous times of my life and even in the daily routine. One thing that is always certain: He will never stop seeking me. I also love this passage because I have heard Jesus’ invitation to me to search out the lost with Him and to bring them to the arms of the Father. This side of heaven, what greater joy can there be?