I grew up in Miami, Florida. My mother basically read her way into the Catholic Church and the Pauline Books & Media Center was a go-to source for her books. As her heart warmed to Catholicism, she rekindled my father's faith. By the time I was born, both she and my father were active members of our parish and frequent shoppers at the Pauline store in Miami. I knew of our sisters all my life, even though I didn't get to know them on a first name basis until I was in junior high. The year of my Confirmation one of the sisters invited me to a "Come and See" retreat. I came, and that experience was a real turning point in my vocational journey. I started volunteering with the sisters. I went to a few more retreats. I visited the larger community in Boston. Eventually after months of prayer, volunteering, questioning, and just hanging out, I realized it was time to ask to enter.

When people ask me what attracted me to the Pauline vocation, I give the short answer: the mission of media evangelization was and continues to be the big draw!

Over the years I've learned, however, that you cannot separate out mission from community and spirituality. It is sort of like saying what makes a good song: rhythm, melody, or lyrics? One or the other aspects may catch your ear, but the song doesn't exist without all three. Just so, the beauty of the Pauline vocation for me is in the particular combination of mission, spirituality and community.

About Music

I've been recording with our choir since I was a postulant. I love the energy and creativity that goes into every album and concert. Everyone brings their talents together and the whole is greater than the parts! It is an experience of community that transcends words or feelings.

My taste in music is fairly eclectic. I enjoy Beethoven and Mozart, American Theater tunes, 60s and 70s rock, Celtic anything, Taylor Swift and Adele.

Fun Favorites

  • My three favorite hobbies: reading, reading, and writing!
  • My bucket list: Spend some time at the Louvre, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg (and anywhere else that has a collection of Rembrandt paintings).
  • My favorite saint: St. Paul! I really admire his dedication to getting the Word out to as many people as possible with the greatest depth possible.